We all know that SEX and DIRTY TALKING can turn on every man in or out bedroom.

But how to do that?

Romantic RelationshipI mean how to talk dirty without feeling insecure about showing your own raw sexuality. How to remain ‘nice girl’ while expressing your naughty side to your husband, 20 years old boyfriend or the guy you recently met without feeling the fear of being a ‘slut’.

There are numerous women that want same spicy and hot connection with their husband or boyfriend that they see in almost every Hollywood movies. Let’s face it, we talk about sex, we discuss about sex, we read about sex but when it comes to expressing it to the partner most of us ignore it and settle for so-so sex lives. If this situation sounds similar to you then there is no need to ashamed of as you are not alone.

Good News is, it’s all about to change because Felicity Keith released “Language of Desire” for all girls like you.

In this Language of Desire review, you are going to get sneak peak of this program before you make your buying decision. This will give you idea if it worth your investment or not.

Additionally, I have also created short-video presentation that will help you in selecting best topic from this review.

What is it (intro) | About Felicity | 10 Modules Sneak Peak | Is it for you?

Let’s start with the review.

What is Language of Desire (LoD)?

Language of DesireIt is 10 modules dirty talking program created by Felicity Keith to teach women (even the shyest of all) how to make man sexually obsessed even without touching him. Felicity Keith launched this program under the umbrella of Michael Fiore’s Digital Romance Inc. For those who don’t know Michael Fiore and Digital Romance Inc. created many best-selling dating and relationship programs such as Text Your Ex Back, Text Your Romance Back, Capture his Heart, Secret Survey and many more.

By saying ‘Dirty Talking’ program I don’t want to simplify this comprehensive program because this program offers lot more than just a few bunches of dirty words and phrases. In this program Felicity Keith will tell you secrets of man’s sexual desire that she discover after research and lots of trials and errors. Additionally you will also learn how to tap into man’s sexual psychology without letting him know.

In short, Language of Desire will show you techniques that will able you to uncover your primal side completely on your own term and fuel passion anytime you want. Yes, this program includes dirty talking, sex and male sexual psychology. If you are uncomfortable with it then this program is not for you.

Felicity Keith created video that will explain some key techniques you will find inside this program. Watch this video below:


Who is Felicity Keith?

Felicity Keith

Felicity Keith

Now these days, there is a huge buzz about Felicity Keith and her program. It is possible you may be thinking Felicity is relationship expert or having some sort of shiny degree in psychology that helped her to discover these secrets. However, she is not.

Felicity is not a relationship expert, or a scientist or super model or stripper. Instead she is just a normal woman, just like you and me a suburban mom. She suffered from sexual frustrations, lack of love and attention from men in the past but after research and practicing, she finally discovered the secret code to man’s sexual psychology.

If you want also want to increase passion on YOUR TERMS then you can work with the secrets and strategies that Felicity Keith revealed inside her Language of Desire program.

What This Program Contains?

As already mentioned, this program is divided into 10 modules and Felicity further divided these modules into sub-category to make it powerful and strong program. At the end of every module you will get worksheet that will able you to master the skill and techniques.

Here’s little overview of these modules:

1st Module – Introduction: In this first module Felicity talks about how she discovered secrets of men psychology and why she decided to share these secrets with other girls. In this module you will also find overview about techniques and secrets you are going to discover in other 9 modules.

2nd Module – Become a Sexual Superman: In this module you will learn how to dump the fear of getting the label of ‘slut’ while talking dirty with your man. This module will show you the importance of setting boundaries especially sexual boundaries for healthy long-term relationship and marriage. This module will also tell you how to create moan that will make your man’s toes curl in the best possible way.

3rd Module – Loving Man’s Best Friend: This module will give you understanding about your man’s sex drive. Understanding about his sex drive is important because it is connected with your man’s best friend that is his ‘Penis’. In this module you will discover one of the very important techniques that is ‘Porn Destroyer’.

4th Module – Brain Chemistry and Sex: In this section you will find out the connection between desire, sex and our primitive mind. This section will reveal most powerful secret of this whole program that will cure your stale sex life. This section will also reveal how to work with Oxytocin (love hormone) and Pavlov’s Erection technique to take your sexual life into next level.

5th Module – Create an Erotic Action Movie: In this section you are going to discover how to create an erotic action movie in which your man feel like sex-star. In this section Felicity provided some examples of erotic action movie and also explained how to write erotic action movie step by step.

6th Module – Desire Intensifiers: In this module you will learn different techniques like Crank up the heat, Tease Intensifier, Oral Intensifier and The Boiled Frog. My favorite technique from these is Tease Intensifier because it is about the thrill of chase even after you have been caught.

7th Module – Update Your Relationship Status: This module is exclusively for women that are in their single or dating status. In this module you will also learn how to use Monogamous Male Maximizer to take your relationship from casual to fantasy girl.

8th Module – Getting Your Fantasies Met: You will discover different techniques in this module. Some of these techniques are Lust Mirror Technique, Erotic Telepathy and Romance Rotator.

9th Module – When ‘Sex’ Isn’t Possible: This module will help those women that are in long distance relationship. This module will teach you how to talk dirty from distance through text messages. Don’t worry you don’t have to put additional stress on your mind to craft such message because Felicity already created a bonus guide containing over 200 sexy text messages and conversion starters.

10th Module – Dirty Talk Mastery: This last module will explain you how to fine-tune the techniques and turn on sex switch of any man.

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Is It For You?

Felicity Keith designed Language of Desire in such a way that every girl in any relationship status can apply it. Felicity shared approximately 30 techniques and secrets that are powerful enough to turn on sex switch of any guy. That’s why I want you to apply these secrets and techniques only to the person you love most in your life and want to create long-term relationship with him.

Go ahead and download this program to transform your sex life completely!!

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